“Nikraim Ladegel” organization was established in 2023 by Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Danny Van Beuren, during the social crisis that erupted in Israel around the judicial system reform.

The crisis permeated deep disagreements in Israeli society, between different groups and sectors, and among different worldviews, leading to conflicts and disputes that also affected defense organizations and undermined their morale.

The October 7th war exposed fundamental problems that need to be addressed in Israel’s defense doctrine and understanding of the regional reality in which we live.  The intelligence and operational failure require thorough investigation and a change in the processes of building military strength and organizational culture within the IDF and other defense organizations. 

In light of the above, our organization has set itself the goal of being an influential force in shaping our country according to the following vision and principles.

Nikraim Ladegel Vision

Strengthening the Zionist, Jewish, liberal and democratic identity of the State of Israel, influence the formulation and implementation of Israel’s political, security and social perceptions according to the principles of our organization

Organization Principles


  1. Formulate defense doctrine that strengthens the IDF and defense organizations, enabling Israel to independently defend its borders on multiple fronts simultaneously.
  2. Oppose to the establishment of a Palestinian State and any dialogue with terror supporting organizations.
  3. Settle throughout the country and reinforcement of the settlements along the confrontation lines and peripheral areas.
  4. Develop regional alliances based on economic and security interests.
  5. Fight against global Antisemitism.


  1. Strengthening the Jewish identity within its various movements.
  2. Revitalization of the Zionist dream by settling throughout the country, education and heritage.
  3. Integrate the Ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors into national/civil/military service while considering their unique needs.
  4. Increase the relations between the authorities through dialogue and broad agreement with all segments of society.
  5. Encouragement of a free market, reduce regulatory barriers and strengthening the industry and agriculture sector in Israel.
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